Training of facilitators (TOF) for co-operative leaders and local extension, 6 - 15 January 2015, Polewali Mandar, West Sulawesi, Indonesia
Training of facilitators (TOF) comprising of co-operative leaders and local extension in Polewali Mandar, West Sulawesi, Indonesia

After the training of master facilitators (TOMF) held in ICCRI, Jember from 15 - 26 September, 2014, trained personnel implemented a series of TOF sessions for local extension, farmers / co-operative leaders, agro-dealers and traders / processors in selected regions of cocoa growing areas and developing cocoa growing areas.

This training of facilitator (TOF) session is for co-operative leaders and local extension workers in Polewali Mandar, West Sulawesi. There were a total of 44 participants split evenly between co - operative leaders and local extension workers.

The extension officers were selected based on the recommendation of the local extension agencies for estate crops (Dinas Perkebunan). The general criteria for the selection of participants was that they must have basic knowledge on cocoa farming so that they have a better understanding / response to the course materials and are able to assist farmers after the training.

The training syllabus focused on the implementation of GAP e.g. proper pesticide use and safety, fertilizer application and farm management. The training elicited enthusiastic response from the participants, as they already had prior knowledge on the subject matter.

The participants reported that pests and diseases are the major threat of cocoa farms due to the lack / or minimal GAP implementation. Some of the participants attended trainings on GAP but were never trained on SPS. The TOFs provided knowledge on SPS and its implementation in relation to pesticide use and safety to humans.

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