2nd Project Steering Committee Meeting, 25 - 26 September 2014, Jember, Indonesia
The PSC meeting was held to discuss project progress, finances and planning. The meeting was attended by representatives of country partner organisations, CABI and ICCO

The PSC meeting was held over two days from 25-26 September 2014 and coincided with the Indonesian Training of Master Facilitators (TOMF) at ICCRI.

Participants of the meeting:
  • Dr. Adi Prawoto
  • Mr. Jeremy Ngim
  • Dr. Agung Wahyu Susilo
  • Mr. Moisés Gómez
  • Dr. Jayne Crozier
  • Dr. John Bako Baon
  • Mr. Haya Ramba
  • Dr. Soetikno S. Sastroutomo
  • Mr. Albert Ling
  • Dr. RamleKasin
  • Dr. Soetanto Abdoellah
  • Ir. Rahayu Khayatun

Dr. John Bako Baon of ICCRI welcomed everyone and proceeded to give an overview of ICCRI and the importance of cocoa and coffee to Indonesia.

Moises Gomez highlighted some of the challenges faced in disseminating information along the cocoa supply chain especially to farmers.

Mr. Albert Ling updated everyone on the activities carried out by the Malaysian Cocoa Board (MCB). They have successfully implemented all of the planned project activities.

Dr. Agung Wahyu Susilo informed that ICCRI have established a national steering committee headed by the director of ICCRI, Dr. Teguh Wahyudi for the project.

Dr. Soetikno gave an update on activities completed by CABI under the three project components: capacity building of cocoa stakeholders, CocoaSafe website and production of a short video focusing on the project in Indonesia.

Discussions then followed on a number of topics; sharing of sensitive information like cocoa contaminant issues, experience of MCB in training of agro-dealers, useful feedback form them, tailoring of curriculum for different stakeholders by both MCB and ICCRI, and suggestions that MCB participate in TOF of agro-dealers in Indonesia.

The next session focused on planning for remaining project activities, with MCB outlining what they will be doing. Dr. Agung did the same for ICCRI, detailing the TOF training events for end 2014 and 2015. CABI roles were outlined for publication of posters and videos, TOMF training manual, coordination and supervision of TOF events and continuous improvement the CocoaSafe website.

Discussion points from the session include producing posters and videos with each country producing 2 topics with a poster and video for each topic. The material will be available in Bahasa Malaysia / Indonesia and English, translation of country specific chapters of the TOMF manual with editing and review of data sheets by CABI, seeking additional funding for ICCRI's TOF training events to cover the shortfall in travel costs and finally action points were raised and decided upon.

There was an update on project finances where spending, submission of invoices, in-kind contributions were discussed.

Other matters discussion focused on securing phase 2 funding, MCB doing a monitoring and evaluation component as a pilot to provide justification for Phase 2, ideas for doing farmer participatory training, baselines studies on cadmium levels and pesticide residues as activities and components with partners submitting draft activities and budgets for phase 2.

The meeting ended with Moises thanking both MCB, ICCRI and all project partners. Participants were invited to visit ICCRI's laboratory facilities and experimental gardens and the closing ceremony of the TOMF training the next day.

The report of the 2nd Project Steering Committee Meeting can be downloaded here.

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