Training of Master Facilitators (TOMF), 15 - 26 September 2014, Jember, Indonesia
Training of master facilitator (TOMF) at Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute (ICCRI)

The training of master facilitator (TOMF) at ICCRI was conducted from 15-26 September 2014. The total number of participants were 20, coming from local extension, nurseries, farmers and ICCRI. They were selected based on ICCRI’s collaborator and recommended by the local extension service for estate crop.

The participants were representatives of cocoa production areas in West Sumatra (1), Lampung (1), West Kalimantan (1), East Kalimantan (1), North Kalimantan (1), South Sulawesi (2), West Sulawesi (2), Central Sulawesi (2), Southeast Sulawesi (2), Bali (1), East Java (1) as well as ICCRIs' junior scientists (5). After training hopefully they are able to train local facilitator, agro-dealer and processor on cocoa safety and cocoa sustainability

The training syllabus was adapted to include issues related to local conditions such as recommended planting materials, shade management, cocoa diversification, soil fertility and health, pest and disease management, cocoa safety and quality standards of cocoa beans.

The training was divided into three modules covering theory, practical and group discussions. Topics for the first two modules were cocoa sustainability, cocoa (food) safety and cocoa production as a business. Group discussions followed allowing participants to exchange ideas and feedback on issues and threats affecting cocoa.

Outputs include 20 trained persons, training syllabus for future TOF and recommendations on cocoa sustainability, cocoa safety and cocoa production as a business.

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